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Was not it always flying, was not it always a secret dream of childhood? A highly professional training for private pilots to enjoy, find a job that not only makes it fun, the demand and also ensures great respect. Adventure Rauris supports his desire to obtain a private pilot license and sit in the cockpit. Captain Hubert Schweighofer, owner of Adventure Rauris, can he help the wonderful Pinzgau to describe him to get the license, how to become a pilot?


The JAR-FCL Private Single Pilot (Single Engine with Piston Engine) certificate, which includes the Night Vision and Flight Radio Certificate (AFC / English-German), is much simpler than you think it. First, you get the supply of certain student pilot certificate documents. The Pilot Student Certificate has a limited course to start in the square zone near your school and will be gradually extended throughout the country. Mr. Schweighofer adjusts the flying hours, ideally according to your wishes, but you must remember that the theoretical training also includes about 110 hours. For safety reasons, you can obtain a private pilot’s license with commercial pilots as a flight instructor.


For very detailed work, such as nerve surgery, excellent vision is essential to the success of an operation. The same goes for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and US military pilots. UU; As the main disqualifier for employment in these places, poor vision has prevented many NASA aspirants and pilots from entering these professions. This is because people who depend on glasses or contact lenses can not perform their tasks properly in the event of injury or irritation / damage to contact lenses. Protect your vision well with dental and vision insurance. For astronauts, zero gravity conditions make contact lens care difficult and, in some cases, completely impossible.


Flying is a wonderful experience. Thus, for them and for their customers, a high level of quality will always be assured. Everyday  Meet our company as the decision of private pilot training: you are constantly making important decisions for the benefit of passengers and their crew. The requirements are now ensured through the use of advanced technology and a complex computer card, but if you are interested in this work, you can also fix it. Finally, the joy of working will go every day.  The flap is replaced after treatment and heals on its own. In stressful environments, such as outer space and combat situations, the fabric of the shutters may separate and cause vision problems.


In addition, exposure to high altitudes and wind pressure during aircraft ejection create changes in atmospheric pressure that can affect vision. Astronauts also face such pressure changes during take-off and exits into space outside their vehicle; and there is also the hardness of dry air. Navy personnel may have to deal with much higher pressures under water than in the atmosphere and may harm contact lenses. From the mid-1990s, the Department of Defense, particularly the Navy, launched its own eye-correction survey.  Sign up today for our company, you can talk about your flying experiences and what you need, just to get the flight permit. It has always been your dream to fly, so do not hesitate, but do the same for him, as training can begin during the year. Adventure Rauris is waiting for your request.